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Contemporary Artist from Berlin

Yeliza is a painter from Berlin best known for her sculptural, colorful portraits and abstract artworks inspired by postmodern art and modern-day sophistication. Her expressive portraits unites Pop Art with masterful acrylic painting.

“I paint personalities with character that radiate a special presence, freshness and inner strength,” says Yeliza. “Whether love, vanity, sex appeal – I am inspired by feminine diversity and infuse it in my color-intensive paintings.”
Yeliza’s works combine unusual stylistic elements: the hair melts into bright, jazzy colors that dissolve into abstract forms, while the background is kept monochromatic in the Pop Art manner. The face has a sculptural appearance and looks as if it were carved in stone. The large-format acrylic paintings thus take on something monumental – a dramatic contrast is created within the works.

Through her unusual compositions, Yeliza brings contradictions together. The artist celebrates diversity and makes a statement with her multi-faceted works. “The paintings show the most diverse body forms, age groups, backgrounds and ethnic groups,” says Yeliza. She strives to depict a woman freed from social constraints. “I believe in women and feminism. That’s why my Poster Girls can’t be pigeonholed.” It is most likely this liberating, affirmative atmosphere that draws people inexplicably to her works.

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POP Portraits
04 August - December 2019

Galeria Frank Krueger, Mallorca
Group Exhibition

1 - 30 March 2019

KUS Kultur, Berlin
Solo exhibition

26 July - 22 August 2018

Stiftung Starke in Löwenpalais, Berlin
Solo exhibition

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